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Philippe Lhoste a écrit :

Bonjour Philippe,
Noel Frankinet a écrit :
I am finishing a lua to WTL binding right now (WTL is a thin template wrapper around win32,so its native win32, not .net). The user interface is defined in XML and the interaction in lua (like XUL : HTML/javascript integration).

??? Why use XML?

The user interface can be defined in lua, but I find that the structure of an xml document a good match for the structure of the resulting UI
Using XML in Lua is OK if you need to process XML data from the outer world. XML is great in interprocess communication, I think. Or for data that must be processed, transformed, etc.

But since Lua is, historically, basically a data description language <>, for such relatively closed usage, it would be better (more readable, easier to type (generate?), faster to parse) to use Lua to define the user interface.

Just my 2€c.

Beside that, this project is interesting. Well, it is unfortunate that there are many proprietary wrappers around Win32 API/GUI (if judging from some messages I see) and no clear leader on the field.
I did not find much, do you have pointer on project ?

Thank you for your input
Bonne journée.

Noël Frankinet
Gistek Software SA