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Following the discussion on "Reflexis Lite", I would like to say that :

I am finishing a lua to WTL binding right now (WTL is a thin template wrapper around win32,so its native win32, not .net). The user interface is defined in XML and the interaction in lua (like XUL : HTML/javascript integration).

Features :

1-All modern UI gadgets (treeview, listview, statusbar, toolbar, property editor, interactive lua shell and html viewer)
2-Docking (on win32) and splitter
3-Works on PDA (windows CE > 2000) and win32
4-Auto-sizing (right now its a rather dumb flow system, but it could be something else).
6-Very small (<350k)

I am now integrating sqlite to get "data aware" gadget (listview on a sql view, combobox from a column, etc).

What is missing :

-a UI designer (could be completely written in lua) that would generate the xml.
-An IDE  (LuaEdit ?)
-a binding to a portable UI (Qt ?)

This would be VisualLua ?

I will set up an internet page to describe the product a little bit more.

I have no decided if it will be open or closed source, dual licensed or anything.
I would like to get reactions, reflexions, suggestions
I am also searching for a cool name for the project (XLUA ?)
Am I reeventing the wheel ?

Best regards

Noël Frankinet
Gistek Software SA