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Alexandre Erwin Ittner <aittner <at>> writes:

> Have fun!

Not just yet! ;)

Lua 5.1  Copyright (C) 1994-2006, PUC-Rio
LuaJIT 1.1.0  Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Mike Pall
> require("gd")
error loading module 'gd' from file '.\gd.dll':
        One of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found.

stack traceback:
        [C]: ?
        [C]: in function 'require'
        stdin:1: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

Looking at a hex dump of the GD.DLL I see a LUA51.DLL mentioned.

But LUAJit doesn't use that!

Here's what I have:

FREETY~1 DLL       460,800  05-09-04  2:49p freetype6.dll
GD       DLL        48,640  05-02-06 12:46p gd.dll
JPEG62   DLL       127,488  05-15-05  2:08p jpeg62.dll
LIBGD2   DLL       251,392  08-26-05  8:37p libgd2.dll
LIBICO~1 DLL       898,048  03-16-04  9:37p libiconv2.dll
LIBPNG13 DLL       203,264  12-04-04  1:09a libpng13.dll
LUAJIT   EXE       297,697  03-16-06  6:06p luajit.exe
XPM4     DLL        52,224  02-13-05 11:54p xpm4.dll
ZLIB1    DLL        75,264  07-20-05  6:05p zlib1.dll

I have Dev-C MinGW 3.4.2 not the 3.4.4 version you used.
And I do not have the time to upgrade or hunt down all the required libraries to
compile. :(

Could you include a lua.exe and luac.exe for Windows in future downloads?
I think apps like this one could help get LUA in the door at many programming
environments! But you have to "help out" the Windows people :)

Also is there a luaw.exe like pythonw.exe or rubyw.exe so you don't get the DOS
Command line box every time when running a lua app from a Windows shortcut?