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> Lua list <> writes:
> >> Don't call them tests or examples, call them "cliches"
> If you don't like
> Clicharium then how about Snippetry? Clippodrome? Excerpt-o-rama?
> (Sorry, I'll shut up now... ;)

I think I recognize another sufferer from hypertrophy of
the verbal lobe. No need for apologies as far as I am concerned.

Actually, whatever terminology you use I think you are making a
good point. Over the years one of the delights of the lua list
has been the occasional revelation (often by lhf or roberto)
of lua ways of doing things that would otherwise have not revealed
themselves to minds set in more traditional patterns. These things
will always evade categorization, but a moonshine page on the wiki
to present some of them might make good propaganda for lua.

Gavin Wraith (
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