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In message <>, Boyko Bantchev <> writes
Well, K seems to have already accumulated some users, or at least
customers :)  Look at their customer list at .

I bumped into a gentleman at a Microsoft conference on security a couple of years ago. He was raving about K - he knew the man that created 'K'. He said it was basically banks and investment people that were into it - K is so fast you could do realtime stock correlation and so on, apparently all other languages were too slow - that was his line on it.

We got onto the subject of K after talking about APL being read only - and he just lit up about K. Which does seem very read only. I have a vague memory that the creator of K had a hand in APL but that may be my memory playing tricks on me.

No surprise at them when I visit the website that the list of customers are all banks, investment houses and so on.

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Object Media Limited
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