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On Thu, 2006-01-26 at 10:16 +0000, Lisa Parratt wrote:
> Michael T. Richter wrote:
> > Lua makes... Logo?  Yeah.  Logo.  Lua makes Logo look hairy.  ;-)
> Never used Logo for more than quick doodles. I vaguely remember it 
> *could* get a lot hairier, but that most people just used a real 
> programming language instead ;)

Logo wasn't as much a toy language as you may think.  I vaguely remember
putting an Ironman style single player car racing game together.  It
definitely had enough to do collision detection (I do remember it being
a bit awkward and error-prone though) and I used the turtle itself as
the vehicle.  I can't remember which version of Logo I used, just that
it was for the PC during the XT days. appears to go
through the features of Logo tutorial style :P

Oh, and on the topic of adding braces to Lua, please don't!  I like
languages like Python and Lua specifically because they read well.  It's
such a welcome change from symbol heavy C/C++.  If you want a language
with symbols everywhere you can always go Perl ;).

- Mab