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On Wed, 2006-01-11 at 01:48 +1100, Michael Abbott wrote:
> > Interpreted code will *always* be slower than native code. You can  
> > have power (expose the primitives) or performance (wrap function call  
> > sequences in single Lua functions), but I severely doubt you can have  
> > both.
> <snip>
> At the moment I think Lua is fulfilling both the speed and usability
> goals.  That is, by providing just the interpret you are providing a
> fast (for a dynamically-typed language ;) extensibility language.  By
> providing extremely high-level libraries you are also catering for the
> people that want to be divorced from the performance details as much as
> possible.

That said, I meant given any new high-level libraries like the ones you
were discussing (all iterator-based, etc.)

- Mab