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David Burgess wrote:
In the spirit of lua, a compiler independent solution would be nice.
Yes, you are correct it would mostly a posix subset.
Diego confirms that he too writes a directory iterator.

This is all good discussion. But let me say that my original intent was to say that there are many capabilities that Lua has built in (file I/O, a few os functions). But this set is incomplete and therefore other libraries need to be brought in. The choice of libraries is many and often conflicting and I think this hurts Lua development.

I don't think the extended Posix library or a better file I/O library should be included implicitly in Lua. But it would help if these were available as separate shared libaries with the standard Lua distro. That way programmers could rely on them. Today, if I want to require "posix", I had better know that the systems I run on have that shared library available.

Maybe this is a slippery slope, but Lua has already accepted that file I/O is important, so other file support functions (like mkdir() and stat()) seem like they should be important, too.

Maybe this is just a set of collected libraries that can be downloaded as a set, like Kepler, but with a much narrower scope. Is there anything like that already?

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