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Well I agree with Chris.
Lua is all ANSI C, fair enough. But there exists posix/win32 libraries
and I (amongst others) have our variations upon these and there is

A library that is compatible across nix/win32/mac and covers things like
putenv, stat, getcwd, directory functions (mk, rm and something like
Luiz's directory iterator) would advance Luas cause. I would suggest
an inclusion strategy that dictates that each function is implementable
on all 3 OSs would be a fair initial approach.

Mega libraries that attempt to include all of posix or lots of win32 will
probably fail because noone will ever finish it or get enough cross
platform compatibility.

Anyone else interested in contributing to a standardized Lua extensions

David B.

On 1/7/06, Chris Marrin <> wrote:
> But this begs the question about which library I should use. They have
> overlapping functionality. And the Posix library have overlapping
> functionality with lfs. Ahhhhhhhhh!
> It seems like there should be some grand unification of all this ...