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Wim Couwenberg wrote:
Hi Jamie,

I dabbled with it. High-quality output, fast rendering,
platform-independent, liberal license; all good. But it's very
low-level and dependent on C++. I don't think you could hope to make a
direct Lua binding for it because it makes heavy use of templates for

Yes, that's why I'm a bit reluctant to use it from Lua (so far)...

efficiency. I'd like at some point to have a go at some higher-level
canvas abstraction which would be more amenable to scripting and use
Antigrain for rendering.

That would be very interesting!  Actually, it suffices if I can use
AGG to render 24-bit frame buffers (in memory) including FreeType
fonts.  I guess it should be possible to compile just those AGG
(template) structures and algorithms that support this and then make a
Lua binding.  Maybe it could be a joint effort?  Any advice you might
have on this will be greatly appreciated!

Emma ( is starting to use agg for 2D rendering. I also find it very impressive, both in quality and capability. We are taking a higher level approach, making objects like Text2D and the like. Lua would interface with these by being able to create such objects and change their properties. Emma has a rendering model, so we already have a render window which works as a standalone app or Firefox/IE plugin. Right now Text2D is all we have and it only supports bitmap fonts. But we will be improving it. We are also working on an SVGInline object which will take an SVG file and render that to the frame buffer, using agg as the underlying renderer.

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