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On Sat, Jan 07, 2006 at 04:43:11PM +0100, Wim Couwenberg wrote:
> > Another option may be to make use of the cairo library, if you really
> On a related note: Has anyone tried Anti-Grain Geometry in combination
> with Lua?

I dabbled with it. High-quality output, fast rendering,
platform-independent, liberal license; all good. But it's very
low-level and dependent on C++. I don't think you could hope to make a
direct Lua binding for it because it makes heavy use of templates for
efficiency. I'd like at some point to have a go at some higher-level
canvas abstraction which would be more amenable to scripting and use
Antigrain for rendering. Or maybe VCF will do if they ever release
their Linux port.

-- Jamie Webb