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p j wrote:

If you wanted to start almost from scratch, SDL maybe what you are looking for.

Another option may be to make use of the cairo library, if you really want to implement your own kind of lua-like user interace, which possibly makes use of some specific advantages lua has. The cairo library provides graphics primitives for newer version of GTK+ and for the wellknown SWT gui for Java. (you don't want to implement graphics primitives in lua!) It has the advantage, that all coordinates are floats and that there are some "experimental" interfaces for to let cairo make use of modern accelerated graphics hardware via OpenGL. Like lua cairo is implemented in ANSI-C.

Cairo implements that part of a user interface, that GDI is for windows and VDI was for GEM (some of you may still know it). It includes font rendering, SVG and other advanced oncepts more. And you may drive it not only on Windows platforms, but on X11 and OpenGL later.

You should think about, if you really want to implement an own GUI and why, because often it could be much more satisfying to have a better integration in the underlying OS and just make use of it's GUI instead of building your own. If instead you think of some kind of lua-os on top of a linux kernel or such, then it might be a good thing. Lua and cairo could be a good base for something like the newton's gui once was. But I think, this is not what you want.

Info about cairo:

Once there still had been one asking for such a binding:

Gruß, Martin Döring