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For a good while now, I've been trying to decide on which Lua/C++ binding library would be best for my purposes. Unfortunately I've been unable to find an easy, clean, and unbiased comparison of the several different binding libraries that are out there. I asked on the GameDev forums before here:

But the general response I got from all that was "try a few out and see what you like best". While this might work for some people, it can be a real pain in the neck to have to learn multiple binding APIs just to see which one you like the best, and furthermore without a decent amount of time spent hacking around on each you won't get the full picture of the advantages and disadvantages of each library.

Therefore, I would like to open a discussion of Lua/C++ binding libraries with the Lua community. I think a simple pros/cons list for each binding library would be the best way to go about this because a verbose discussion can become overwhelming. Heck, maybe we could even put the results on the Lua wiki if this goes well. :) I believe the following criteria to be the most important in making this decision (note that there may be more I don't list here):

- Portablity of code
- Compilation complexity
- Binding library dependencies (like boost)
- Run-time complexity (both time and area)
- Ease of use/programmability
- Sufficient documentation
- Actively under development, or at a final, stable release

From what I've researched so far, LuaBind and tolua++ seem to be the two major players to me. I have not yet found the time to look into either too seriously, so I'm hoping some seasoned users of each library can post their thoughts, as well as those of other libraries. Thanks!

- Tyler Olsen

Hero of Allarost :: a FOSS role-playing game for *NIX, *BSD, MacOS X, and Windows