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I actually have to agree with the "manual binding" approach. However,
I also have to warn you: By asking on the Lua mailing list (a list
which has an inordinately large number of incredibly intelligent and
helpful people) you may see a sampling bias towards more flexible yet
difficult approaches. That, I think, is responsible for the gulf
between the advice you've received here and the advice you've received
on GameDev: the people here can bind an interface to Lua code with one
hand tied behind their backs. (I can't, of course, but I still
slightly prefer the manual approach for its flexibility.)

With respect to LuaBind and tolua++, I strongly encourage the latter
over the former. LuaBind is a heroic effort to overcome the limits of
C++ metaprogramming; but this has made it fragile and difficult to
debug. ToLua++ does not try to do things as "elegantly", and because
of this it is more robust and easy to tweak. Also, I seem to recall
that LuaBind has not been updated in awhile, and requires an older
version of Boost to function properly. I haven't taken a look at it in
a couple of months, though.