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  Hello Tyler,
I will recomend you to check Lua+. It is modified version of Lua and is specifically targeted at C++. It is simillar to LuaBind as it uses template metaprogramming
(so it will require your compiler to actually know tempaltes).
I find it more pleasant to work comparing to raw stack-based binding.
The documentation is little but suffiecent to help you getting started quickly.
Also as Lua+ modifies lua core it is quite efficient.
It has other useful features, like wide characters support,
optional different garbage collector and simplified memory management
but they are optional - personally I don't use them.
I used it only with VC7.1 so I cannot tell you about its portability.
To sum up,
  - Lua+ very nicely merges C++ classes with Lua
  - the code I wrote using Lua+ was more natural to me than LuaBind
  - the code at c++ side was easier to understand and maintain than LuaBind

Hope this helps,
Todor Totev

On Sun, 23 Oct 2005 21:58:01 +0300, Tyler Olsen <> wrote:

- Portablity of code
- Compilation complexity
- Binding library dependencies (like boost)
- Run-time complexity (both time and area)
- Ease of use/programmability
- Sufficient documentation
- Actively under development, or at a final, stable release

From what I've researched so far, LuaBind and tolua++ seem to be the two major players to me. I have not yet found the time to look into either too seriously, so I'm hoping some seasoned users of each library can post their thoughts, as well as those of other libraries. Thanks!