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Wants: Yes. It eliminates the need to do some other things to work around
yield limitations.

Needs: No. We have been working around it.

Caveat: A fix to allow yields from within pcall would be sufficient. The
rest is gravy.


on 2/17/05 5:52 AM, Mike Pall at wrote:

> Hi,
> Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
>> Thanks! We'll have to study this closely and so we'll probably not be
>> able to include this already in 5.1; it'll have to wait till 5.2.
> It's all there: demand, discussion, docs, patches.
> Waiting for 5.2 means waiting another 1-2 years. Sad.
> Judging from the questions I received by private mail, the patch
> has sparked considerable interest from network developers and game
> developers. I realize that some of you are bound by NDAs, but everyone
> who wants/needs this patch, please write to the list _now_.
> Bye,
>    Mike