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> lua: .../alarm/alarm.lua:12: symbol `luaopen_alarm' not found

That's because in Mac OS X you need to look for "_luaopen_alarm". This
is all taken care of in loadlib.c. See below.

> stack traceback:
>          [C]: in function `assert'
>          /Users/rszwarc/Downloads/alarm/alarm.lua:12: in function `so'
>          /Users/rszwarc/Downloads/alarm/alarm.lua:15: in main chunk

I think there'll be no need to use stubs such as alaram.lua anymore. On the
other hand, as someone has already mentioned here, for my libraries you'll
need to add 'l?' to the appropriate path because the .so file is called but the package is called "alarm" and so the open function is
"luaopen_alarm" not "luaopen_lalarm". (Sorry about this confusion; see my
installation notes for more excuses...)

For the time being, try simplying editing alarm.lua and changing "luaopen_"
to "_luaopen_".


I don't have a Mac OS X to test this. Anyone wants to donate a Mac mini?  ;-)
They've just reached south of the border and cost about double (R$ 2890 =
US$ 1100), taxes included.)