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> Is that luasocket-2.0-beta2?

> How do I use LuaSocket with Lua 5.1?
Change a handful of lines of code. 
 Remove compat.h, change luaL_module to luaL_openlib
 package.loaded["base"]=_G in socket.lua
 thats it.

> If yes, I'm not quite sure how to make sense of the following
> environment variables mentioned in INSTALL:
>      LUA_INIT=@/Users/diego/tec/luasocket/lua.lua
disappears in 5.1
It means the named script will run at lua startup
>      LUA_PATH=/Users/diego/tec/luasocket/?.lua;?.lua
Where to find the lu scripts
>      LUA_PATHLIB=/Users/diego/tec/luasocket/?.dylib;?.dylib
becomes LUA_CPATH in 5.1 , where to find the C libraries
> When trying to import, say, "http", I get:
> require( "http" )
> lua: Example.lua:174: package `http' not found
See above.
> For the record, I'm using lua-5.1-work4 on Mac OS X 10.3.7.
Then use luasocket beta3