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Hello ALL,

I've got an Intranet system running over CGILua 5.0, an old alpha version
(I guess), and I've got a strange behavior on my debug/testing

All the development is done at home, on a Slackware/Apache2 system, and it
always worked fine. After I've changed the IP address of this computer,
the system stoped working.

After editing etc/hosts and the <VirtualHost> config of the apache files,
CGILua seems to be working, but the system does not. None of my script
files makes any direct call to an specific IP address or so.

Testing single scripts, like "Hello World" ones works fine.

After doing a debug session, I've found that cgilua.redirect causes an
Internal error on apache2, logged by apache as:

"Premature end of script headers: cgilua, referer:";

Login.html is just user interface to a script called "login.lua", that
seems to be working (verified by debug calls in the script).

The error seems to be cgilua.redirect, that is clearly not working now.

Any ideas ? I'm really stuck on this, and I'm sure I'm missing some
important point over this, since the script system always worked fine.

Thanks !

J. Machado
Palmcon Consultoria (
+55 21 9302-2794