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[completely off topic]

I know I'm being mean - I program exclusively on Win32.  I also know
programmers who have worked on Windows (I mean, for Microsoft developing
Windows) and the stories they tell....

And my forays into Linux programming have been frustrating because I have no
time to learn it if I have no immediate need for it (and Linux programming
is still just a minor hobby interest at the moment).  When it becomes
necessary I'm sure I'll dig deeper.

Lua runs beautifully on my P3/333-Win2k3 server box - but I'm not using it
for anything at the moment, just playing.  I'm thinking about using Lua to
set up a system whereby hosted sites can easily script functionality on
their pages from an external system, but it's just a pipe dream at the


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[ partially off topic ]

> LOL - my point exactly - noone has any idea what Windows does,
> Microsoft more so!

That's being a bit unfair.  I'm no fan of any OS in particular, but I've
much experience with programming in Win32 and it gets the job neatly done.
Sure, there are some poorly documented features, that can be mind bending at
times, but the overall feel is not that bad at all.

Some recently raised issues can not be attributed to Win32 alone.  For
example if memory is zero-initialised is (in case of C/C++) language
defined.  Memory management in shared libraries is another such topic: you
have to understand that a .dll is not an .so before blaming your OS (holds
for OS/2 as well)...

Speaking of OS'es: my main development machine runs Win98se (on a 400MHz
Celeron no less...) and Lua runs like a charm!  :-)  I'm willing to perform
some socket tests if that would help the discussion.  It's my only Win98
machine though, so Win98-Win98 connections can only be tested over