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>>> Hi,
>>> I?ve have been experimenting with the notion of binding data from
>>> C/C++ to LUA on a binary executable level.  This would allow LUA
>>> scripts to access C/C++ data without having to maintain any binding
>>> code in the host
>> Did you consider to use the debug information to generate biding code
>> like tolua does? tolua does it best to parse C header files, I think
>> parsing the debug info can result in better binding code. And the
>> need 
> to >distribute your program with the debug info will go away.
>> Andre de Leiradella
> As i stated in my message, no on will want to distribute with the
> debug info. In the future, the PDB parsing step will need to generate
> an intermediate format for the library to read rather than ship with
> the full PDB. Perhaps it can dump out an XML representation.   
> Thomas

Or spit out C code that can be linked to the executable...

Andre de Leiradella