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> Oops, I opened a can of worms... :-)
Looks like...

My second and last message about this OT thread: many computer science
courses in Brazil teach algorithms very early in the course, before
trying to teach a real programming language (Pascal, C etc.)

The algorithms are tought in plain Portuguese, using Portuguese words
for all language constructs (we use to call that "portugol"):

A <- 5
B <- 7
Leia C
D <- B^2 - 4*A*C
Se D < 0 Então
	Escreva "Sem raízes reais"

I'm currently trying to decide between translating Lua keywords to
Portuguese or preprocessing the algorithm to produce Lua code with
keywords in English. I like the second option better, because there are
some portugol constructs that are not so obvious to write in Lua.

If there are other algorithm teachers in the list, I'd love to hear what
you currently use in your classes, I though things like "portugol"
existed for every language (italigol, fraçagol etc.)...

Please answer me privatly.

Andre de Leiradella