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> As i stated in my message, no on will want to distribute with the
> debug info. In the future, the PDB parsing step will need to generate
> an intermediate format for the library to read rather than ship with
> the full PDB. Perhaps it can dump out an XML representation.
>Or spit out C code that can be linked to the executable...

That would defeat part of the gain of using the symbol database. There's
several issues with generating new C code.

You lose the ability to dynamicly bind data without a recompile, if you
were to do this you might as well use toLua or another system. Since using
the sumbol DB, you don't need to recompoile anything to change the
parameters of your binding code.

By relinking to the executable you're going to change the make up of the
binary and where it sticks variables and functions. This makes your
exsting symbol database you just used, completly invalid. The only way to
make it work would be to load in the code dynamically via a DLL which is
messy in many other ways.

You would also generate alot of redudent code to describe the LUA
interface. I would argue that this information is data, not programmable
logic. It should be possible to generate the bindings as data for a code
module to interperte rather than to programatticly generate code to do
interface with LUA.