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I'm a Lua newbie, so, if this is to simple, i'm sorry :)
I was able to export a simple function to a Lua script :

static int test( lua_State* L)
	float n1 = lua_tonumber ( L , 1 ) ;
	printf("This is a test: %f \n", n1);
	return 0;

I'm able to register it like this :
lua_register(L, "test", test );

And run it sucessufely.

Now, i wanted to do the same but using other values than integers, 
something like this :

static vec3_t test( lua_State* L)
	vec3_t n1 = lua_tonumber ( L , 1 ) ;
	printf("This is a test: %f %f %f  \n", n1.v[0], n1.v[1], n1.v
	return 0;

I understand lua_tonumber only works with integers, but looking at 
the lua.h file i find several lua_toXXX functions , like :

LUA_API lua_CFunction  lua_tocfunction (lua_State *L, int index);
LUA_API void	      *lua_touserdata (lua_State *L, int index);
LUA_API const void    *lua_topointer (lua_State *L, int index);

I have a feeling i must use one of those, but i don't find anywhere 
examples on how to do this..
Can you guys help me out on how to do it ?
thanks ,