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Actually, it is probably the best place for these libraries. And
yes, IMHO it should be separate from the VM source.

Suggesting this might be overkill but I'm getting a little 
paranoid about all this "we must have all this auxiliary 
code added to the core" talk. The core distribution defines 
the Lua standard. In including this functionality with the 
core distro you are implying that it is part of  the Lua 
standard. And in doing do, your saying "this is the way 
you use Lua" to the world. I just don't think it's a good
idea to define a dynamic module loading system here, or
database access, or file access. After you add this, soon 
somebody will be saying - Hey lets add this .Net'esk C++ 
framework to the core.. Yeah! Then Lua will truly be 
useful. Bah! :) Lua is very useful, to everyone and to every 
use _now_.. but it won't be for long if this kind of thought 
snowballs out of control. Better to draw the line now while 
you still can.

These libraries work well in a separate project that includes
the console. With this your saying.. "oh, and by the way, here's 
a neat project to help you learn a little bit about interfacing 
the Lua VM to your application or system." or "and here's
some interface libraries a lot of people have found useful."

Ok, feel free to tear into me. :)

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From: "J. Perkins" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 3:17 PM
Subject: Re: Unique directions for Lua?

| wrote:
| > Lua should remain a versatile embedded language / vm and not be converted 
| > into a bloated "we decide how you do everything" scripting environment. 
| > 
| > Loadlib, the aux libs, iolib, 3rd party libraries in general.. all of these should be 
| > placed outside the standard Lua distribution and supplied as separate downloads.
| I sort of agree with what you're saying, sort of. The standard 
| libraries you refer to are placed in a separate directory and can be 
| removed from lua.c easily enough. Should lua.c be removed from the 
| "standard" distro as well?
| You can make a case either way. I think it's awfully easy to remove 
| the stuff you don't want, though non-ANSI C stuff like the loadlib 
| extension should probably be kept separate.
| Jason