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| > >From the About page:
| >
| > "Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language designed for
| > extending applications."
| And then goes: "Lua is also frequently used as a general-purpose,
| stand-alone language."

I suppose I shouldn't be quoting the author to himself. :)

| > IMHO,
| > Lua should remain a versatile embedded language / vm and not be converted
| > into a bloated "we decide how you do everything" scripting environment.
| We agree.
| > Loadlib, the aux libs, iolib, 3rd party libraries in general.. all of
| > these should be placed outside the standard Lua distribution and
| > supplied as separate downloads.
| I mostly agree. But loadlib is different: it is very small, and it gives
| a big help in the distribution of separate downloads (because then you
| do not need to recompile Lua to install these 3rd party libraries).

Ok, I see your point here. Although, I think it's dangerous because
the temptation is that you keep adding a little bit at a time until you
have 'Luathon.'

Ok i'll shut up now and go back to work. Thanks for the feedback.