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| I may dream, but I think Lua can still meet these requirements while
| becoming even more versatile. We probably just have to add a little stuff in the
| core, that can be compiled away if needed, as Roberto indicated, and some
| external, probably third party libraries.
| These improvements shouldn't go in the way of embedded/tiny systems. You
| have the sources, you have a number of pre-processor directives to tailor the


Lua should remain a versatile embedded language / vm and not be converted 
into a bloated "we decide how you do everything" scripting environment. 

Loadlib, the aux libs, iolib, 3rd party libraries in general.. all of these should be 
placed outside the standard Lua distribution and supplied as separate downloads.

Keep it simple, keep it versatile and don't tie it to any particular use. I thought
that was what Lua was all about? It's one of the qualities of Lua I have always

>From the About page:

"Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications." 

I don't think "extending applications" includes standard facilities for loading 3rd party 
libraries, fileio, "execute()", database access, and whatever else people are currently 
trying to pack into the core distribution.