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How about a code rewriting tool instead that compiles your preferred syntax
into Lua source?  

The major downside would be an added translation phase while the major
upsides would be speed of development, creating something that other people
would probably build translators from, and easier compatibility with future
versions of Lua since the VM is not usually backward compatible (this is a
good thing because it keeps Lua moving forward without too much baggage).


> From: Richard van Zon <>
> Reply-To:
> Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 13:40:53 +0100
> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Subject: Other languages for the LuaVM
> Hello,
> I am particular new to Lua (my first project using it, I formally
> used S-Lang much)
> but am very impressed by the speed and API.
> For my project I actually need(ed) a C-like API,
> Lua is more Pascal/Delphi like, I think.
> thats okay...but still! I miss brackets in functions
> and ++ for example.
> I am thinking about to create a compiler which
> compiles a C/Java-like language to the LuaVM.
> Maybe it eventually would be possible to adapt more languages
> to the LuaVM, kinda like .NET is doing.
> My questions are :
> * is there any comprehensive documentation about the LuaVM ?
> * is anyone interrested in this idea ? and maybe actually want to help
> * is someone actually busy with something like this already ?
> Another idea was to translate that code to the Lua compiler
> can compile it. But I foresee several problems and restrictions in this
> solution.
> So, shoot ;-)
> Richard van Zon