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I am particular new to Lua (my first project using it, I formally
used S-Lang much)
but am very impressed by the speed and API.
For my project I actually need(ed) a C-like API,
Lua is more Pascal/Delphi like, I think.
thats okay...but still! I miss brackets in functions
and ++ for example.
I am thinking about to create a compiler which
compiles a C/Java-like language to the LuaVM.
Maybe it eventually would be possible to adapt more languages
to the LuaVM, kinda like .NET is doing.

My questions are :

* is there any comprehensive documentation about the LuaVM ?
* is anyone interrested in this idea ? and maybe actually want to help
* is someone actually busy with something like this already ?

Another idea was to translate that code to the Lua compiler
can compile it. But I foresee several problems and restrictions in this
So, shoot ;-)

Richard van Zon