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Over the past few weeks I have been putting a /lot/ of thought into how Lua
should be packaged for Debian GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd systems.

Through those weeks, there has also been a large discussion about how
standard libraries for lua should be packaged, and how one should arrange a
standard for dynamically loading extensions to the lua interpreter also.

I am therefore designing a system for Debian, which will, in the spirit of
Debian, be free (as in speech). has a few more details.

I hope to have packages /and/ policy ready in a few weeks at most.

The policy first-draft is also on the above site (as a text version) and as
such I am anxious that people provide feedback to me as to how they would
like to see this whole thing handled.

I am aware that whatever my final decision, not everyone will be happy, but
unfortunately this is a decision which needs to be made and stuck to, in
order to allow Debian to have a good Lua infrastructure for the years ahead.

Please, if you are interested, visit that site and email me comments and
ideas. I can only get it right if the interested parties help me do so.



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