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Thatcher Ulrich wrote:
> > I've uploaded here a first version of the addon here:
> >
> I couldn't wait to start hacking on this... I made some binaries to
> demonstrate the module concept, using my existing luaSDL binding.  You
> can get them here:

Hey, that's really nice!

I was going to write a simpler example, but with my exams was not having
enough time to do so. I've seen you have separated the lua vm and the lua
executable to avoid memory allocation conflicts. Is that also necesary on
*nix or only in win32?

> * I had to comment out the part of Ignacio's code which registers some
>   library info in a Lua table -- it was causing crashes on both
>   platforms.  So use()'ing a library more than once may create
>   problems!

I think you are using an old version, I updated it in a short time after the
first release, but accidentally replaced it again with the older version.
Now the right version is up, and I think the problems are gone, please tell
me if I'm wrong.

I'm also going to write a template project to facilitate binding the
libraries with the lua library. Usually libraries are just .lib or .a files,
so the template only has to bind lua dynamically, and to call the
initialization functions of the libraries, that can be specified through
macros. The template would bind the original library, and produce a dynamic
library to use with lua 'use' addon. I think that should facilitate porting
libraries to the new system.

> That .zip includes both Linux and Win32 binaries, and a little sample
> SDL game written in Lua.  I'm including the README from that zip file
> below.

However, the linux binary is missing.

> Thanks for the code Ignacio!

And thanks for the sample!

Ignacio Castaño

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