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Sorry, my last post wont solve the problem, but it will point out that there
is a problem!

Terence Martin:
> Please, this discussion has been opened, closed, kicked, slashed, hashed,
> reopened, rediscussed and eventually jammed into soft peat for 3 months and
> recycled as firestarters. Do we really need to start another holey debate
> about how lua (surprise!) isn't like every other languge

Do you mean "holy" debate? :-)  I'm not smirking at you, I think its a
Freudian misspelling! The argument did rage for a while and was difficult to
follow but I think people learnt a lot from it. I think are a few little
nagging details of the scoping issue which could probably do with being
addressed and this is one of them.

>> I would also argue for the syntactic inclusion of
global v = 7
global function g(args) body

You may be able to do this with the global keyword already (untested) eg.
function foo()
  global v
  v = 7

just like:
function foo()
  local v
  v = 7

I think the global keyword only turns on testing of globals and doesnt allow
you to create them from with another scope (although Python does allow you to
do this).

>> There are already so much changes in the 4.1 snapshots that _I_
would call the final version 5.0.

I think I agree. 3.2 to 4.0 introduced major API changes. 4.0 to 4.1
introduces major syntax changes. I think calling it version 5.0 better
reflects the amount of discussion and effort that has gone into the version