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Please, this discussion has been opened, closed, kicked, slashed, hashed,
reopened, rediscussed and eventually jammed into soft peat for 3 months and
recycled as firestarters. Do we really need to start another holey debate
about how lua (surprise!) isn't like every other languge, or that 50% of us
want the language to stay as it is and the other 50% of us want it to work
like all the other languges we're "comfortable" with. Along with all the
reasons for so, such as, it makes things easier, less prone to bugs, don't
want to work around it on your own, it's unclean, it seems somehow

Proposals were made for this a long time ago (check the archives). I'm
pretty sure some conclusion was reached, but we have yet to see anything
from it.

> -- the variable bar stays active in the globals
> -- while normally no one cares, it is a possible bug, and at least a
> of resources.
> > And IMHO this is what should be the default.  I can't think of very
> > much cases where you really want a nested function statement to create
> > a global function.
> I guess with the new 4.1 locals, the next logical step would be to make
> variables local by default.
> > So, what do you think about this proposal?  Discussion opened :-)
> Let's take one step after another, not all at once.
> This should be a proposal for Lua 4.2 ;-)