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I was referring more to "I guess with the new 4.1 locals, the next logical
step would be to make all variables local by default." that Peter added to
your proposal. The notion that everything should be local by default and
made global explicitely, instead of being the opposite as it is now, has
been thrashed around quite a bit. 

IMO, what you proposed is different, in that it's actually a problem, as
opposed to people being upset that the lua designers aren't going out of
their way to add every feature of every language in the universe to lua to
make sure everyone is satisfied with how it works.

Perhaps the two are interrelated enough that going back over that with new
features in mind would be a good idea. 

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 22:03:45 +0100
Edgar Toernig <> wrote:

> Terence Martin wrote:
> > 
> > Proposals were made for this a long time ago (check the archives). I'm
> > pretty sure some conclusion was reached, but we have yet to see
> > from it.
> Please read my posting and the archives more closely.  I'm not proposing
> for local variables as default!  It's only about the function statement!
> And then, with new language features (lexical scope changes) some of the
> arguments may need another look.
> Ciao, ET.