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I have yet to see Mr. Winwood's apology to Mr. Cuny on this forum. His
product should receive no further notice until that apology is forthcoming.
I have not personally confirmed this, but others have said that he has
fixed his library wrapper to exclude Mr. Cuny's code. That is excellent,
but he still owes a debt to Mr. Cuny that cannot be expunged by simple
editing. I am sure that Mr. Winwood has the ability to contribute to
this and other venue's, and is hopefully unlikely to repeat his borrowing,
but a theft is not remedied by simple return of the purloined item. That
borrowed product was announced on this forum with some fanfare and has
received some undeserved notice since based on the work and ability of
another. That cannot be erased, but it should be retracted and an apology
issued in it's place.

In general, the discussion on this forum occurs in a manner that brings
honor to all involved. The technical content is excellent and every effort
is made to answer questions without anger or condescension. Many of the
replies apply to general computer language issues as well as to lua in
specific. That honorable and respectful atmosphere should extend to
treatment of the intellectual property of others.

Everett L.(Rett) Williams

Martin Spernau wrote: wrote:

Now, I am trying to create a Lua interpreter binary that includes Lua,


library, wxLua, and LuaSQL.  I am getting lots of errors, even after I
changed the makefiles and build batch files.

I perfectly understand your search for a 'onedoesall' interpreter, as I am
currently on the same 'quest'.
I too have only very limited knowledge of C/C++, but I was able to
successfully complie a Lua interpreter with luasockets, as well as the wxLua
sources by Mr. Winwood.

One thought about combining wxLua with luasockets, luaSQL etc.:
As far as I could see from the wxWindows site, dthis library already has
support for Sockets, ODBC and a lot more. I think it might be more use to
see if the wxLua already has access to these functions, or to persuade Mr.
Winwood to add them.

From the wxLua page I saw that it already has support for wxSocketBase and
wxSocketEvent ...

just my 2c