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Peter Prade wrote:
> What is so special about function variables?

Nothing.  But the function _statement_ is especially designed to
ease programming and make the code more readable.  The suggestion
is more in line with the for statement that makes it iteration
variable implicitly local.

> I guess with the new 4.1 locals, the next logical step would be to make all
> variables local by default.
> Let's take one step after another, not all at once.

Locals by default is another thing (that introduces a lot of problems;
ask the Python guys) and should be kept separate.

> This should be a proposal for Lua 4.2 ;-)

Hmm... why?  I'm pretty sure, the last snapshot of 4.1 will be different
to the final 4.1.  And so much things have changed to 4.0 that this minor
point shouldn't hurt.  I see it more as a useful addition to the scope

Ciao, ET.