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To Mr. Winwood,

As Mr. Winwood has been notified on the wx developers group, he did not write
wxlua, but merely converted a set of code written by another programmer to be
included in another language. In fact, most of it was copied without attribution
from a set of code copy-lefted under LGPL. Mr. Winwood merely removed the
existing copyright notification and replaced it with his own while providing a
bare minimum of lua glue. Mr. Winwood is not to be congratulated for anything
other than his talent as an intellectual thief. What is so pitiful, is that all
he had to do was to maintain the copyright of the original author, and his
small addition would probably have been welcome. Mr. Winwood has now been made
aware of his commissions and omissions by the original author. He owes the original
author an apology on all forums where he has posted his code and his claim. In
addition, his code should be withdrawn from public view until he has the approval
of the original author. Mere remedy of his omissions should not be sufficient to allow
him to continue to post. I have asked permission of the original author to post
his letter to Mr. Winwood on this forum. Until then, any seeking further specific
info are welcome to contact me.

Everett L.(Rett) Williams

Nick Trout wrote:

wxLua is a blending of the wxWindows GUI classes and the Lua programming
This allows you to create GUI applications in LUA.

Hi Paul, that is brilliant. I've been thinking about doing that for while but
its quite a big job. Looks like you've done a very tidy job on the binding. I
was just wondering why you chose to write your own custom binder rather than
use SWIG (I think there are SWIG bindings for wxPython as Robin Dunn's notes
are in the Python SWIG binding generator!), or use toLua. Perhaps your binding
generator could be abstracted and used as a stand alone tool?