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Everett L.(Rett) Williams wrote:

> As Mr. Winwood has been notified on the wx developers group, he did
> not write wxlua, but merely converted a set of code written by another
> programmer to be included in another language.

I'm David Cuny, and Rett is correct - almost all the wxLua code that Paul
Windood takes credit for is my own work, under my copyright, published under
the LGPL. You can find it as part of my wxBasic project:

In addition to contacting the wxWindows list, I also contacted the
maintainers of Lua, who were quick to notify Paul and remove his site from
the official Lua pages.

Paul soon contacted me via email, and posted the following on the wxWindows

   > I Hereby apologize for using some parts of the code
   > from wxBasic. I have deleted the code from the website
   > and it is hereby withdrawn.

What Paul refers to as 'some parts of the code' makes up most of wxLua
(except for Lua, of course!). And as Rett noted, the use of my code was
never an issue - it was the total and complete lack of credit for my work.

I don't want to minimize the amount of work that Paul has put into wxLua. He
created his own Lua-specific glue code, so the wxWindows methods would be
exposed to Lua, and Lua callback routines could be triggered. In addition to
this, he also reorganized my code, even converting a QBasic utility program
into Lua. All this was a considerable effort on his part, and it appears to
work quite well. He deserves credit for what he's done.

Paul then privately wrote to me:

   > I have sent another message where I have apologized for
   > using your code.
   > I sincerely apologize once more, I was a bit nieve and I
   > incorrectly thought I had modified enough!
   > Obvously not. Sorry.
   > As you can imagine the 'modifications' have involved many
   > hours of work, and so I have a question.
   > Is there any way that I can use the sources from you than I
   > have done, what do I have to do in terms of copyright etc?
   > What are the requirements for my using your code in wxLua.
   > What are your requirements?

A number of emails ensued, and I think he's clear on the point that his
'modifications' do not void my copyright.

Why Paul chose not to share any credit for wxLua in the first place is
something that only he can explain. But I'm in good company. Robin Dunn, the
author of wxPython, informed me that Paul apparently created his wxLua web
page by taking the wxPython documentation and replacing each occurance of
'wxPython' with 'wxLua'.

I'd like to reiterate that, once these matters were brought to his
attention, Paul seemed eager to correct them. I don't expect this sort of
thing from Paul in the future, and I look forward to a release of wxLua that
respects my copyright.

-- David Cuny