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Hi Milano, thanks for your feedback.

>> To make our work easy (integration between LuaOrb, Generic Connector, ALua
and Metainterface) we're building a graphical environment (Interactive
LuaSpace Development, up to now it has this name. Any suggestion?). This
environment doesn't support debugging features up to now.

That looks like an interesting project. We're currently discussing how the
debugger should work on the VisLua-dev mailing list (see link below). It looks
fairly straight forward: we just have a client which can execute Lua code on a
local/remote lua_State and receive the results. Its just a remote terminal
really. Perhaps you'd like to join the list and discuss Alua and whether the
systems would be compatible and useful to you.

If anyone is interested then you should probably join the VisLua-dev mailing
list rather than responding to this post? Come and lurk if your're interested!
I'm trying to keep a summary up to date at:


Visuallua-devs mailing list