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As I told Nick in a private message, I have given Nick admin access to the
project (I also have admin access). I changed all the stuff saying Lua
Studio to VisLua, but we can come up with a different name later.

I have no problem with a wxWindows solution, except that I feel some of the
authors points on C++ are blatantly wrong, but that is more of a personal
gripe then a reason not to use a powerful toolkit :)

If anyone is interested, the project is at

Feel free to join the visuallua-dev mailing list and join in the
conversation. I beleive that most of the conversation for this project
should/will move there, as to not spam the Lua list with a bunch of off
topic goodies :)

Matt "Kerion" Holmes

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From: "Nick Trout" <>
To: "Multiple recipients of list" <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 9:37 AM
Subject: Re: VisLua - Cross platform Lua IDE

> > Anyways. I wrote alot code for Lua Studio, and everyone is more then
> > to check it out. It should still all be in the CVS repository. If an
> > is started to write a single, cross-platform IDE for Lua (check out
> > for examples of how to write cross platform editors), let me know, I
> > be happy to contribute.
> Hi Matt, thanks for the enthusiasm. I mailed you yesterday actually
> sourceforge to see if I/we could hijack your project ;-D
> I think VisLua/VisualLua/LuaStudio is a good name... unless someone can
> up with a better one. Perhaps the authors could come up with a good
> name like Lua?
> Anyway, VisLua should be open source and if we use wxWindows you wont need
> rely on any 3rd party libraries. If you've used wxPython you wont need
> convincing.
> Regards,
> Nick