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I was actually the maintainer of Lua Studio. I canceled it because the MFC
toolkit I was using for the advanced GUI, I couldn't get a license for. He
wanted me to pay full price for the licence to use it in a free software
project. He said giving me a free license with rights to distribute runtimes
would have given people a better chance of pirating his software. How
exactly that is a better chance then anyone else who has to distribute his
toolkit with their app, I dunno.

Anyways. I wrote alot code for Lua Studio, and everyone is more then welcome
to check it out. It should still all be in the CVS repository. If an effort
is started to write a single, cross-platform IDE for Lua (check out Scite
for examples of how to write cross platform editors), let me know, I would
be happy to contribute.

Matt "Kerion" Holmes

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From: "Nick Trout" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 9:14 AM
Subject: VisLua - Cross platform Lua IDE

> Dont get too excited, its not written yet ;-) I've created a Wiki page
> some ideas on:
> Think of the sum of effort gone into writing the following, and there are
> great tools here:
>  * luadbg - command line driven -
> * Houston - GTK -
> * Titmouse - Win32 -
> * LuaDev - Mac OSX -
> * Lua Studio - MFC -
> * LuaCmd - (Lua 3.2) TecGraf IUP library (win32 & Motif) -
> * EDELua - win32 embedded -
> * Stella - MacOS -
> * Lash - win32 shell -
> But a lot are platform specific, or no longer maintained :-(. It would be
> if we all concentrated on one solution? It could really benefit us all.
> Please feel free to give feedback and suggest any features or problems.
> Regards,
> Nick
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