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> Anyways. I wrote alot code for Lua Studio, and everyone is more then welcome
> to check it out. It should still all be in the CVS repository. If an effort
> is started to write a single, cross-platform IDE for Lua (check out Scite
> for examples of how to write cross platform editors), let me know, I would
> be happy to contribute.

Hi Matt, thanks for the enthusiasm. I mailed you yesterday actually through
sourceforge to see if I/we could hijack your project ;-D

I think VisLua/VisualLua/LuaStudio is a good name... unless someone can come
up with a better one. Perhaps the authors could come up with a good Portugese
name like Lua?

Anyway, VisLua should be open source and if we use wxWindows you wont need to
rely on any 3rd party libraries. If you've used wxPython you wont need