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   Is anyone else working on an "embeddable" IDE (Integrated Development
Environment) for Lua?  Sort of like a mini-editor and some simple tools
that could be incorporated within another "main" project which is using
Lua?  So that you might be able to edit your Lua code directly from within
the "main" program via this "pop-up" IDE, with a few minor ammenities like
a watch list and similar debugging tools.

   I just wanted to check before I reinvent any more wheels.  ;-)  I'm
working in Windows with Borland C++ Builder, but I'd be just as happy to
see code for Tcl/Tk compiled with gcc (or any other setup) -- it's really
just the ideas I'm after, not necessarily the specifics.  I've already
borrowed a few ideas from Paul Bleisch's WinLua program (thanks Paul!) and
wonder what else might be out there.