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>    Is anyone else working on an "embeddable" IDE (Integrated Development
> Environment) for Lua?  Sort of like a mini-editor and some simple tools
> that could be incorporated within another "main" project which is using
> Lua?  So that you might be able to edit your Lua code directly from within
> the "main" program via this "pop-up" IDE, with a few minor ammenities like
> a watch list and similar debugging tools.

I've just started to do something just like that. I too have given up on MFC
in favour of Builder. It would be quite easy to write these as components
and pass them on. I'm trying to build an OpenGL view window, a tree view and
an editor (keywork highlighting etc), trace window, output/error log etc.
I'm a newbie to Builder but it looks fairly straight forward to swap
components around like these. We'll have to try and do some swaps. My mail

>    I just wanted to check before I reinvent any more wheels.  ;-)  I'm
> working in Windows with Borland C++ Builder, but I'd be just as happy to
> see code for Tcl/Tk compiled with gcc (or any other setup) -- it's really
> just the ideas I'm after, not necessarily the specifics.  I've already
> borrowed a few ideas from Paul Bleisch's WinLua program (thanks Paul!) and
> wonder what else might be out there.

I've decided to steer clear of Tcl/Tk and TkLua as I plan to make the system
as compact as possible so I can distribute it easily. Also Tk has no tree
view, and is a bit limited in widgets, so I'll write my own GUI. It would be
very straight forward for you to use TkLua to make an IDE. If you linked
Lua, TkLua, GLLua and any code libraries you have together you could write
your entire project in Lua.