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Hi Dave,

   It's not an IDE, really, but once I get a minimal version of the Lua
   Win32 windowing API i'm working on up and running, i'm going to have a
   small interactive dialog that allows Lua statements to be entered
   dynamically and fed to the windowing-enabled intepreter.

   BTW, for writing extensions in general, anyone who isn't already
   doing so should check out tolua -- its C++ binding facilities are
   quite nice.


On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Dave Bollinger wrote:
>    Is anyone else working on an "embeddable" IDE (Integrated Development
> Environment) for Lua?  Sort of like a mini-editor and some simple tools
> that could be incorporated within another "main" project which is using
> Lua?  So that you might be able to edit your Lua code directly from within
> the "main" program via this "pop-up" IDE, with a few minor ammenities like
> a watch list and similar debugging tools.
>    I just wanted to check before I reinvent any more wheels.  ;-)  I'm
> working in Windows with Borland C++ Builder, but I'd be just as happy to
> see code for Tcl/Tk compiled with gcc (or any other setup) -- it's really
> just the ideas I'm after, not necessarily the specifics.  I've already
> borrowed a few ideas from Paul Bleisch's WinLua program (thanks Paul!) and
> wonder what else might be out there.
>    Cheers,
>    Dave