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As it usually happens on 'openings' our domain went down today due to
hardware problems ;-) 
but it is back now and we are still expecting you to visit our site.

We deeply apology for possible inconveniences.


> ----------
> From:[]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, August 17, 1999 12:22 AM
> To: 	Multiple recipients of list
> Subject: 	WPartner and Lua
> You are invited to visit our reopened WEB site, hosting WPartner rapid
> internet development tool
> Our address is or directly to WPartner product:
> WPartner utilizes Lua as one of it languages. Actually as a preferred
> language!
> WPartner runs your Lua script and provides it with many valuable
> services.
> WPartner provides Lua with capability to build HTML output based on
> templates.
>   It means that your program code is not polluted with "print" commands
> to generate HTML output and
>   is much more readable than usual CGI script.
>   You do not need to change your program to modify  HTML output it
> produces. All you need is
>   to modify HTML templates containing program data placeholder.
> Templates are actually HTML files
>   that can be created and modified by any HTML editor.
> WPartner provides Lua with SQL databases connectivity (both ODBC and
> native).
>   You can use embedded SQL  straight in your Lua script and even operate
> with LOB objects such as images.
> WPartner's input parser dynamically creates program variables in the
> user's script that correspond to the input parameters (form data or URL
> data name-value pairs). Created variables are populated with the
> appropriate values. You can use and reference input parameters by their
> names assigned to them in the input form or URL..
> The input parser handles "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" and
> "multipart/form-data"  encodings.
> WPartner provides file upload and download, mail (SMTP, Exchange...),
> execution control, and many more capabilities
> Please note that all active pages and sample programs on our site are
> enabled with Lua.
> And of course the beta version on NT is free to download.
> We would appreciate your feedback.
> Vlad Serpik