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It was thus said that the Great Russell Haley once stated:
> On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 2:51 PM, Sean Conner <> wrote:
> >
> >   If you don't feel like install my modules [3] you can probably get
> > something similar with lposix or luafilesystem or something.
> > 
> > [2]     Found a resource leak (well, kind of, the GC doesn't kick in as
> >         often as it should) dealing with reading directories.  Ah, large
> >         data ...  how well you find bugs!
> >
> > [3]
> I had to man-handle your makefile to build on freebsd and cut out the
> net module due to errors (, but I got it
> to compile and install. However, there is no conman.table. I looked
> and I found table.lua in the repo, but not in the installed directory.
> I copied table.lua over and replaced your require. The final output
> was a "bus error".  I didn't see anything immediately and draw the
> line at going through your C code. :P

  I don't have access to a FreeBSD system to diagnose this, but I suspect
I'm missing some #define or header file for the networking stuff.  I'm not
surprised that "make install" failed for some of the modules---I use Lua
(the standalone Lua executable) to find the appropriate directory [1] and
that looks to have failed.  

  I'm also not surprised at the bus error (well, I am that it was a bus
fault and not a segfault, but I'm not surprised it crashed) because I had to
"fix" the bug I mentioned and had not yet commited the change.  It only
happens on a deeply nested directory structure (which my program defaults to

  Quite a few of the modules in the repo are ... um ... still being worked
on [4].  Those I feel comfortable with have rockspecs.  

> I hope to get to play with conman a little later. Your cbor stuff sounds neat.

  Thank you.  That makefile is a bit better written.


[1]	The two lines in the makefile are:

	LUADIR := $(prefix)/share/lua/$(shell lua -e "print(_VERSION:match '^Lua (.*)')")
	LIBDIR := $(prefix)/lib/lua/$(shell lua -e "print(_VERSION:match '^Lua (.*)')")

	I should probably make these:

	LUA         = lua
	prefix      = /usr/local
	datarootdir = $(prefix)/share
	libdir      = $(prefix)/lib

	LUADIR := $(DESTDIR)$(datarootdir)/lua/$(shell $(LUA) -e "print(_VERSION:match 'Lua (.*)')")
	LIBDIR := $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/lua($(shell $(LUA) -e "print(_VERSION:match '^Lua (.*)')")

	But I got lazy 8-/

[2]	See above.

[3]	See above.

[4]	I have another repo that isn't published yet that is even more so.