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It was thus said that the Great Russell Haley once stated:
> Hi,
> I'm starting some testing on my lua-persist library that serializes
> tables into lmdb. I suck at creating test data and keep getting
> stalled out on the task. I thought I'd ask if anyone has some
> serialized tables they could offer for my testing?
> One problem so far is that this thing is blazing fast. I had one set
> of data that was around 6 MB and the system didn't even blink. If
> anyone can offer 50-100MB of data (or more!) I'd be REALLY grateful.

  At one time, I had an 83MB Lua script that generated a single file [1] but
alas, that is long gone.  I just now generated a 44MB Lua script by crawling
over some directories on my computer [2]:

local dump  = require "org.conman.table".dump
local fsys  = require "org.conman.fsys"

local start = arg[1] or os.getenv("HOME")

local function generate(path)
  local data    = {}
  local folders = {}
  local oldcwd,err  = fsys.getcwd()

  local dir = fsys.opendir()

  while true do
    local entry = dir:next()
    if not entry then break end

    local info = fsys.stat(entry)
    if info then
      if info.type == 'file' then
        data[entry] = info
      elseif info.type == 'dir' then

  dir:__gc() -- erm ... yea, kinda need this

  for _,name in ipairs(folders) do
    data[name] = generate(name)

  return data

local x = generate(start)

  If you don't feel like install my modules [3] you can probably get
something similar with lposix or luafilesystem or something.



[2]	Found a resource leak (well, kind of, the GC doesn't kick in as
	often as it should) dealing with reading directories.  Ah, large
	data ...  how well you find bugs!