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I'm starting some testing on my lua-persist library that serializes
tables into lmdb. I suck at creating test data and keep getting
stalled out on the task. I thought I'd ask if anyone has some
serialized tables they could offer for my testing?

One problem so far is that this thing is blazing fast. I had one set
of data that was around 6 MB and the system didn't even blink. If
anyone can offer 50-100MB of data (or more!) I'd be REALLY grateful.

The code is here: but it's
pretty much a prototype. Check the doc folder for ldocs. I will work
on a dependencies list.

I want to do some testing on the current features and add the indexing
feature. Then I want to open up the api discussion the same as Tobias
did (it's his fault I'm even on this list so I'm allowed to copy him).

Current features;
- open env, create multiple databases(tables)
- Get all, get item, search data content(via lua function)
- Change tracking and commiting.

Still planned
- table data indexes
- add unit tests
- moses integration
- expose cursor library
- expose for loop iterator