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Hi All,

Based on the previous feedback, I implemented friendly html reporting for your convenience.

List of all available modules (i.e. the ones that pass on all 3 OS):

List of the build results for each Lua rock taken into consideration:

Both links are accessible from ULua's main page (which is not my project main page):

It still needs some finishing touches but should be more useful and immediate to read.
pass : yes: nothing to worry about
pass : excluded: installation was not attempted for the given reason
pass : no: some error occurred, information attached

In general, there is not much you can do for the excluded cases.
The failed ones (pass : no) are in general fixable, but sometimes cooperation among more than 1 maintainer might be needed (rocks contending the same module).
As explained before, I am going to fix *some* of the contended module issues by myself where it makes sense (for instance: metalua-*).

Please let me know if something is still unclear.